Say No More to Gun Violence in Urban Communities

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Dear Senator,

Hello, we are current juniors at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in Washington D.C.

As a part of our junior religion class curriculum, we must conduct a praxis project which addresses an injustice in our community and how we, as high school students, can help spread awareness and educate our peers on this injustice. Due to the recent attention it has accumulated, our group chose to address gun violence, but specifically the effects it has in urban communities. We want to address the lack of attention shootings in low income and rural communities attain in the media. It leaves the general public with no knowledge of the thousands of lives lost everyday and leaves you, our elected officials, unable to properly represent us.

There is superfluous fear that permeates our American society because either guns are in the wrong hands, or individuals get around loopholes to obtain guns. Therefore, we focus on this injustice, not only for this project, but for the millions of lives that have been affected by gun violence. We are voicing our opinions. With the power of one million voices, we can vote you out.

On behalf of all the students that demand change, on behalf of the parents who lost their children, on behalf of the nearly 1,300 US children killed by guns each year, on behalf of those who never come home to their family, on behalf of the scared students, on behalf of the scared parents, on behalf of the scared teachers, on behalf of 20 children killed in Sandy Hook, on behalf of all the tragedies we never hear, on behalf of all the Americans who live their life out in fear, we are tired.

This is not a phase, nor a plea, this is a demand for action! We demand universal background checks, termination of the iron pipeline, a limitation on ammunition capacity, and a ban on civilian’s possession of assault rifles, just to name a few. Do not sacrifice societies’ safety and well-being, and do not let us, the future generation down.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue. We look forward to hearing from your office.

Best regards,
Alexis Dash, Beverly Udegbe, Inethia Allen, and Kidan Tesfamichael


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