Change Sawston Village College's uniform policy

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At Sawston VC girls are made to feel as though they are 'sluts' for wearing short skirts. Girls have been told they are 'making male teachers uncomfortable' and are a 'distraction' and 'unfair on the boys'. Not only does this create self esteem issues for the girls being slut shamed, but it also denounces any sexuality other than heterosexual, normalises perverted attitudes and victim blaming by making straight males feel like it's ok to stare up girls' skirts if they want, and that unwanted attention should be expected if a girl wears "revealing" clothing. Furthermore, although at time of writing this rule has changed, normally boys are not permitted to wear shorts in the summer and therefore their learning is seriously affected as they can concentrate on little else besides the fact that they are overheating (or, apparently, because the year 7s have their lower thighs on display)