Make PSS Great Again

Make PSS Great Again

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Михаил Смирнов создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную SavySoda Development Team и


This petition was designed not to argue, blame, confront or upset savy soda developers.

Why i am posted this?

Hi, i am ItsuraBlack, Alpha tester, russian translator and community representative. I’ve played PSS (Pixel StarShips) for over a year now and i truly love it. I have spent a lot of my own time to make it better with translations, testing and helping the community for example the russian community has grown. So because of that im touchy, reacting at every update of this game. Before release and after i’ve seen how PSS has buried itself in eyes of players, making them sad, angry and ultimately they leave PSS, some don't see a future, some think the game has potential but never delivers, there are many reasons so I don't know them all. I have had some ideas to leave PSS, but i signed a pact with my community and this game. That's why i decided to write this petition. I can't let this game fall down because of simple mistakes.

What i want to change.

-- Development

Development seems somehow strange to me. SavySoda repeatedly tries to hurry up with updates but fails somewhere. I trust you guys! You can do it all! But don't hurry! We can wait for it.

Public volunteer alpha testers are good for the community but you obviously need one in your staff, without the public helping bugs will increase and content will slow, You may want to consider an alpha testing server not like another environment, a real secondary dev server for alpha testers, So regarding of this i assume these points:

- Staff Alpha Tester
- Dev Server
- Calm Development of the Game

- Balance and Other Changes

This is not a definitive list of issues. We all saw Scorpio, Infected Drakian. We saw them removing the third storage and then return it to us. We all saw drop nerfing (p.s. its fine but there is no alternative), constant matchmaking issues.

These all changes wasn't approved by community. Why? Because they were stealthy implemented. We, reviewers can discuss everything with devs, but the devs don't discuss with us everything but if you ask us, Yes sometimes we bite back but that is a response you can use to improve or think about changing, would you drink from a coffee machine that poured milk in when you asked for none? please just ask and tell us, Don't do stealth changes and act like nothing happened later on, one can only walk away from things for so long before they catch up and bite.. But we can also praise, congratulate and give that moral support which if your working in a pleasant environment and the environment is your community then it will lead to a healthier dev to player relationship which can lead to better long term profits.

-- Problems with staffing and work hours

This is another outstanding issue. As older player i clearly remember a very buggy january with 2-week team vacation, We were lost in those days, That was long time ago, Now we have two part-time support, email response is still slow but it's a start and a response in the first place, but to them this is not an issue, the two workers do do great work for their capacity, but sometimes .. Its to little and just not enough.

A possible but highly unlikely solution to this is... Public volunteers, there are plenty of people out there wanting to make the game a better environment, were here to help you help us.

Weekend workforce

Savy soda having weekends off is fine, In THEORY,having a real life outside of work is fine and we don't want to make you feel bad in life. But as of time written (04.11.18) the AI has been totally broken for 2 days and no devs to fix it, a detriment to the fun and enjoyable to the game, To put it to perspective it's like what if google said the search bar doesn't work but you can access the page, people would go somewhere else and people do..

I have clearly asked to have at least one weekend emergency devs even if they are hired just for those days. As a company having more staff is an issue however You can resolve our issues by not releasing something that would be potentially buggy on a weekend or just load a backup, We wouldn't have a  full guarantee of nobugs weekends, but we have the potential to have a playable game.

Then there is the issue of optimisation

In the past there have been numerous optimisation patches however they have since released features (with varied opinion) And At the highest level playable (on My newly MI A2 Lite 4gb RAM/8x2GHz) lags to the point of uncomfort, again to put it in perspective, imagine battlefield 5 running at 10fps on a 2080ti FE , there would be public backlash and outrage, how can you have fun with something that is unoptimised to the point of unplayerbilty? Your a for profit business so if players can smoothly play your game then people start having fun and may purchase IAP, there is no point in having tons of features if we cant play the game at anything decent to hang around to play these things that are supposed to be enjoyed

In short

Either hire more support or use public volunteers as support.
Make emergency devs on weekends or acknowledge when a game braking issue has been recognized and fix it or load a backup.
New features vs optimisation, we can wait.

As i said higher we can wait for features. But there are features that we wait too long or hear about in passing. There are: item disassembly, trade order cancellation, more daily quests. This will make game more comfortable for new and experienced players.


As translator im also care about my job. I am so sad to read gplay reviews with 1-4 stars about not full translations. I blame myself even if it isn't my fault. There hasn't been a single server string update for a long time, ever since some new quests passed one month ago, they are still untranslated in client, but in crowdin approved for a very long time now. There is also a long time to wait for new strings, which are already on the server in english variant which will be uploaded to platform for translations. Please maintain crowdin well, it's a way to expand who can play and understand your complex game, how can they enjoy whatever story you make if they cant read it?


Savy, Xin. We all love PixelStarships. Pure and fully. We are trust you and pray for this game success, we need to share this game to everyone, its unique! Thank you.

Please, do not hurry with features or updates. We want stable and polished game at all costs, even if starmap will released twice longer. We will wait. Please, discuss with us all features you want to do, please fix all bugs and issues before this. And sometime this game will rise like phoenix from bug ashes.

With best regards,

ItsuraBlack; PSS Community

Edited by Sirlyon333; retired PSS community member

Special thanks: nnnn1111


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