Independent investigation. Family Court forced 3 year old Mila to live with her named sexual abuser(s)

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Mila was 2 years old when she started telling people of her "Poppa" touching & hurting her "gina" with his penis. 

Mila who is being sexually abused by her father and trafficked by his lawyer Michael Waxman. Whom Mila has stated she had "sleep overs" with, Michael Waxman confirmed this, Stating that he is "nurturing a bond with 3 year old Mila".  

Michael Waxman even named his puppy dog after 3 year old Mila. 

Michael Waxman screamed at Judge Moskowitz in an open court room, pointing his finger "You will not take Mila from ME, This court has NO power over ME!" Judge Moskowitz stood from his chair and walked to his cahmbers, leaving Waxman screaming. 

Mila was just 3 years old when Maine's family court Judge Jeff Moskowitz forced Mila to live with her named abuser(s)

Judge Moskowitz ordered Mila's Mother with a NO CONTACT ORDER or risk being arrested and thrown in jail. 

Please return Mila to her mother and to a childhood free from abuse.

There is ample of evidence to show abuse and corruption.

You cant just take a daughter from a good parent for disclosing child sex abuse.