#SaveTheWinchesters, the Supernatural universe needs to continue

#SaveTheWinchesters, the Supernatural universe needs to continue

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Dear networks #SaveTheWinchesters

The Winchesters has been cancelled on the CW, but they are searching for a new home

Unfortunately that was to be expected with the CW's new marketing strategy of buying new low-budget shows from Canada and Australia and canceling existing ones regardless of success. 

We don't give up, we will continue to fight, to support Jensen, the cast, the crew and everyone involved, the Supernatural multiverse must continue and we will insist and continue to keep it alive.  

The fandom support The Winchesters

We need season 2 and more,

Is an amazing show, is a spinoff of Supernatural, that is one of the longest cult and loved series! 

The Winchesters
It's not just a show of ghosts and demons,
It is a show about love and found family
It's a show where emotional ties can change the fate of the multiverse
It's a show that teaches you to fight for what's right and keep the ones you love safe 

The plot of The Winchesters is so interesting, ther are so many misteries, subplots, characters, dinamics relations and shades that need to be explored, and this awesome cast, crew and all people involved deserve more attention to their talent and creative development. 

The Winchesters is awesome, is addicting, is mesmerizing, is emotionally engaging, is a big family, is #SPNfamily extention,  is a comfort show.  

The Winchesters is a gift from Jensen Ackles for Supernatural fans for not  feel more orphans of Supernatural, the prequel is a piece of that magical world of comfort that we missed so much. 

We desire deeply that this universe continue

 #renewthewinchesters #savethewinchesters 

















2.052 hanno firmato. Arriviamo a 2.500.