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Over 1 million liters of raw untreated sewage flows into the Sarakki Lake every day. Encroachments and dumping urban debris have reduced the size of the lake from 90 acres to 68 acres. As a result, the groundwater is contaminated and the surrounding atmosphere is polluted, causing potential health hazards.

What used to be a beautiful lake has now become a big dump yard and sewerage line from the neighbouring layouts and apartments directly open into Sarakki lake.

The lake was a source of water for four villages up until a few years ago. Today the lake is completely covered in weeds which are destroying the flora and fauna. The groundwater in the region is already unpotable and once contaminated, it will take decades to clean up the lake.

We ask the Government officials to take action on restoring the Sarakki Lake using the budget provisions for lakes rejuvenation by:

• Stop inflow of untreated sewage from the surrounding buildings and build a mini STP for recharging the lake
• Stop dumping garbage and debris by BBMP contractors.
• Stop encroachments by roads and other sheds and secure the lake with proper fencing. Stop vehicular movement on the Lake bund immediately.

Healthy lakes and its shores not only provide us with a number of environmental benefits, an ambient atmosphere to the neighbourhood but also influence the quality of our life and they strengthen our economy.

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