#SAVEQUINCY - Preserve the Tranquility & Semi-Rural Nature of Our Village

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Friends & Supporters,

Our collective efforts earlier this year halted the City’s development of a Roundabout at Quincy & Colorado in its tracks.  While this unfair taking of private land occurred without public input, this development is not over as the City has the right to take the land from Kent Denver anytime over the next 8 years.  Our City leaders, who originally backed this ill-conceived project, are now seeking your vote for re-election.

Many find it hard to believe they would be foolish enough to re-initiate this project.  However, #SAVEQUINCY has carefully studied their actions and believes the Roundabout is only one of several major decisions that prioritize their agenda without adequate public input.  For example, aside from the Roundabout, our City leadership borrowed $11.5MM in 2017 without voter approval deploying valuable funds that could be spent on other important priorities for our Village.

Therefore, through CHARGE 2018, #SAVEQUINCY is supporting 3 new candidates in the upcoming CHV elections in November:

·       Russell Stewart (Mayor)

·       Afshin Safavi (City Council District #2), and

·       Zach Bishop (City Council District #6)

These are all candidates we believe who will not waste taxpayer money, bring important decisions to voters, respect private property rights, & prioritize public safety and preservation.

Please visit www.charge-2018.com to learn more about the issues and the candidates.


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