Decision Maker Response

Adam Price’s response

Dec 11, 2019 — Dear petitioner,

The experience of Ben West, who created this petition, happens all too often. I sympathise deeply with Ben and his family.

Poor mental health can happen to any one at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. And we all need to be equipped to respond to poor mental health properly.

You may be aware that a new curriculum is being developed in Wales. Not only does that give us an exciting opportunity to transform our education system, but also to ensure that our teachers have the time and resources they need to give our young people a rounded education.

Plaid Cymru will ensure that we take the opportunity the new curriculum provides to foster a good understanding of mental health and well-being, as well as a range of other things that contribute to wellbeing, such as physical activity, healthy relationships, citizenship, children’s rights, and Welsh identity.

Plaid Cymru also believes that mental health should have parity of esteem with other NHS services. That’s why we have committed to providing a 5% increase in mental health expenditure every year for the next decade, doubling the amount we spend on a cumulative basis. We will establish a 24/7 Mental Health Crisis service for those in acute distress, that will work alongside the emergency services.

We will continue to support whole population approaches towards improving the mental health of everyone and preventing illness through better education in schools, access to green spaces, and the tackling of stigma and discrimination experienced by so many.

Your campaigning on this issue is invaluable, and Plaid Cymru stands with you unequivocally. Thank you for everything that you are doing.

Adam Price AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru