Petition Closed

Baseball is a game of tradition. And since their inception in 1962 the Astros (then Colt 45s) have played in the National League. All of their rivalries and history has occurred in the National League. Also, moving them to the AL West would require a good portion of their games to start too late to watch or be reported in the newspaper the next day, as they would start at 9 pm cst. This would put an additional strain on the team and its fans. So, please, Mr Selig, respect tradition and leave the Astros in the NL.

Letter to
Commissioner of Major League Baseball Allan H. (Bud) Selig (Commissioner, MLB)
As a fan of the Houston Astros I am very upset with your plans to move the Astros to the American League and/or out of the NL Central Division. The Astros have been in the National League since their beginnings in 1962 as the Colt 45s. Before that the Houston Buffs were a minor league team for the St. Louis Cardinals, which is also in the National League. All of our rivals are in the National League.

Houston is also in the central time zone which is 2 hours ahead of the western time zone. If the Astros were moved to the AL West, an increasing number of our games would not start until 9 pm and wouldn't finish before midnight, locally.

Please Mr. Selig, leave the Astros in the NL Central.