Save zoo, stables, farm & stray animal war-refugees in Yemen

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Yemen's animal « Last of the Mohicans » are given their only chance at survival by One World Actors Animal Rescues Non-Profit; a lone, pioneering Charity, who is using their local Ground Ops. Coordinators on-site to keep zoo animals, Horses, Dairy Cows and street strays alive in the middle of a nationwide war-zone under international embargo: single-handed ! Dedicating their life since January 2016 to 4 Rescue Missions of iconic, rare animals, birds and reptiles still trapped and hungry at destitute Ibb and Taiz Zoos as well as over 500 stranded Arabian Horses and French Dairy Cows dying of starvation and neglect, OWAP-Animal Rescues- endorsed by EPA/ CITES Yemen Ministry under President Hadi's internationally recognized Government - works directly and daily with the Zoo, Stables and Farm Managements, using 100% public donations to feed the animals, devise and implement Enrichments Projects, build new humane outdoor enclosures to free the animals from their cruel dungeons while giving cash for work to the Zoo and vet staffs in lieu of their monthly salaries. OWAP-AR is keeping them alive on-site where they stand for the duration of the war, but without your life-saving donations, OWAP-AR's ongoing struggle between Death or Deliverance is doomed... .Please sign our petition to appeal to United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths and to request the solidarity of all INGO Animal Welfare & Conservation Organizations, Yemeni Authorities, global animal rescue communities as well as the General Public to keep these war-captives alive with more emergency relief food, water and vet care until Peace is brokered in Yemen at last. "How, after 37 months of Ops., can we possibly abandon these lonely animals to starve once more in the midst of a brutal war?" asks Kim-Michelle, OWAP-AR's President," I am appealing to animal lovers around the Planet to help us keep going for these suffering innocents ; so precious to our World !"