SAVE YOUR LIVES FROM EMF/High Voltage Overhead Powerlines

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Despite the recent scientific studies confirming the danger of the installation of high and very high voltage overhead powerlines (HVL / VHVL) in populated areas, particularly on the health of children and elders, as well as on public safety and the environment, the Ministry of Energy & Water and the Électricité du Liban (EDL), instead of looking after the well-being of all citizens, are still insisting on completing the installation of the Bsalim - Aramoun / Mkaless line, known as  (Al Mansouriyeh connection) - a double transmission line 220 kV of around 25 km, with no respect of any world-wide or even locally-recognized safe and secure distances. Indeed, the poles and overhead cables are installed only a few meters away.

With the official administration justifying this by declaring that relative to the residents living within the aerial lines buffer zone, the standard norm to be applied is 100 micro-Tesla. However, 100 micro-Tesla is the official approved standard only for traffic under overhead power lines (passing under the line for a limited time) and does not apply for people living within the reach of the electromagnetic fields, which will create confirmed risks and damages to residents in these fields.  

Despite the justified calls and demands of the inhabitants, despite reason, logic, science and knowledge, the project continues, disregarding all necessary preventive measures and the need to protect the general public from electromagnetic pollution - as normally happens in any civilized country - especially that other HV overhead powerlines lines (150 and 66 kV) exist already within the same areas, forming a lethal and deadly spider net with a diameter of hundreds of meters.

What was issued by the scientific conference in the Engineers Syndicate of Tripoli on 23/3/2019 under the title "Electromagnetic pollution and its effects on the health of communities", summarizes the bulk of all recent preventive recommendations: as for the protection from electrical fields emanating from such overhead powerlines, the security standard is  0.6 m / kV (132 m / 220 kV) and For electromagnetic fields, this preventive standard for overhead lines should be 1 m / kV (around 200 m / 220 kV) from any dwelling or inhabitant zone, school or similar occupied area. In cases where the preventive measures cannot be ensured, the cables must be buried underground in public roads to ensure an electromagnetic field (EMF) of less than 0.2 micro-tesla at adjacent inhabited constructions.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy & Water and the EDL are adopting twisted means to justify the prohibited assurance of "Absolute no harm from EMF", through deliberate alteration of the truth, misrepresentation, concealment of studies and reports with cherry-picking of the publications that suits only their own interest, knowing that their studies are being long outdated and no longer valid. Additionally, they are misrepresenting the possible risks to public health and safety (to the possible extent of death), all while daring to declare the ultimate goal to be “equal distribution of harm, injustice and abuse of property”.

Moreover, the Ministry's has totally refused, without any proper justification to bury these overhead powerlines underground, claiming falsely that this practice is more harmful than overhead installation, disregarding the fact that all of Beirut and suburbs as well as Tripoli are equipped by UG lines !!

We, civilians from all across Lebanon, address this petition to all concerned local and international entities, expressing our refusal of the Ministry of Energy & Water and EDL's complete disregard and recklessness vis-a-vis our lives, and the safety of our children, families, within schools, homes, places of work, places of worship... We plead the government to immediately take the necessary decisions to stop the ongoing work in Mansourieh and the neighborhood and to completely install the Bsalim - Aramoun / Mkaless line underground directly between the 3 transformation stations outside of the areas where the poles exist today.

This inhuman reality that goes against the various laws and constitution and the human rights legislation, as well as its failure to respect all international and local preventive scientific standards and guidelines, is not at all tolerated in any State or country that respects and protects its people and therefore constitutes for our country a "Crime against Humanity". We must put a stop to this project, and at the level of the whole nation, and all perpetrators should be held accountable and be severely punished.