Save Wooddale Middle School: Its Organizations, Athletics and Teachers. Stop ASD (Achievement School District) from taking over Wooddale Middle School in Memphis, TN

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       Support the Wooddale Middle School organization by saying NO to ASD! The Achievement School District is trying to takeover Wooddale Middle School. Wooddale Middle has made great gains and strides. ASD would not be a great fit for the Wooddale Community. Parents should be able to decide whether or not an ASD takeover is necessary and best for Wooddale Middle School. No parents of Wooddale Middle School students or community members were involved in the decision-making process.


If ASD takes over Wooddale Middle School, all teachers and staff members will be required to reapply for the separate district (ASD) and if hired, will not be a part of the Shelby County Schools. A new grading scale will take effect, which will require students to have a 48 to pass core subjects. Also, the monies that will be used if Wooddale is taken over by ASD should be used now to provide students and teachers with the necessary tools to succeed and bring Wooddale to the next level this year (2013-2014). With your signature, we can show ASD leaders and state and local representatives and Shelby County Schools that you support Wooddale Middle School, and say NO to privatizing inner city schools, like Wooddale Middle School.


You should support this petition if you are tired of inner city schools being taken over by state agencies that lay off experienced teachers to hire incompetent 1st year teachers with no experience nor familiarity with inner city schools, communities, or students. Supporting this petition means that you support everything that Wooddale Middle School represents such as, its role in the community, academic clubs, athletic organizations, parent/teacher associations, etc. Teachers, faculty, and staff are striving every single day to improve the lives of students at Wooddale Middle, academically and socially. That is why Wooddale needs the community to stand up against ASD and think about what is best for the 800 students Wooddale loves and serves on a daily basis to ensure that they excel. Wooddale is not a school that has not made gains in the past 3 years. Wooddale is the total opposite. According to the 2013 TVAAS data reports, out of the 51 legacy MCS Middle Schools, Wooddale Middle School is ranked 17th in Math (7th grade), 8th in Science (7th grade), 3rd in Science (8th grade), 16th in Social Studies (8th grade), and 10th for Algebra I End of Course. Wooddale is definitely helping Every Eagle Excel. Let's continue to help the Wooddale Middle School Eagles soar while in the SCS school district. Say NO to ASD!


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