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Waterloo Paradise started this petition to Cllr Jo Simpson (Chair, Lambeth Planning Committee) and

The green lung of the historic Lambeth, paradise of natural habitat for all is under threat!

The bulldozers are coming! And Lambeth Council is waving them on, contrary to their warm words and the London plan policy.

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Waterloo can be a hectic place: it has the UK’s largest station with 100 million commuters a year Europe’s largest arts centre with 30 million visitors a year, the HQ for Europe’s largest company, one of the UK’s major hospitals… and, amidst this dense bustle, Archbishop’s Park, a quiet green paradise.

But this paradise is threatened by the largest single office proposal ever seen in Lambeth –  five huge tower blocks including 1.5 million square feet of offices and a tower of swanky flats (with just the bare statutory minimum of affordable housing), looming over Archbishop’s Park, blocking out the sky and dwarfing its magnificent trees.

And this will be virtually all new-build rather than re-using existing buildings, releasing a tsunami of CO2 into the environment.

Plans include bulldozing Waterloo Farm and Lambeth’s oldest school buildings, which accommodate dozens ofsmall creative businesses in the unique space of Old Paradise Yard. Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London could demand changes to the developers’ plans that would protect both the community and the climate – but they are sitting on their hands!

The offices don’t need to be so huge, so dense, so tall: according to planning requirements, they should step back from Archbishops Park and preserve the old school buildings and Old Paradise Yard.

The developers need to re-think! But they will only do so if enough of us
protest against this needless destruction of Waterloo’s paradise.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!