Save Walsall Post Office

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Our post office, Walsall Post Office, is to be moved from Darwall Street to the corner of a shop in the "Retail Multiples" shopping centre (BHS) in Park Street on the 10th of October. This is following a poorly publicised "Public Consultation" that very few people knew about and only 55 people responded to. This is not even HALF A PERCENT of the 16,600 people who live in St Matthews Ward, let alone the total population of Walsall.

Moving Walsall's main post office will leave empty another of the town's buildings, the fate of which has not been decided or announced, and currently leaves the fate of the war memorial in the branch unknown.

The new location will have 5 serving points, which is a REDUCTION from the current number, despite there being regular queues in the current post office. The decision document states that "A wide range of services will still be available at the branch" without committing to exactly which of the current services will be maintained and which will be lost.

This is our post office, in our town centre. The consultation was clearly nothing more than a public relations ploy so that they could say they asked, and we do not know whether a single one of the tiny number of respondents was in favour. Don't let this become another empty building in Walsall.

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