Save trees save Gangtok.

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“If you think the economy and development is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money”- Professor Guy McPherson

Sikkim’s smart city project falls under forest area and is now threatening existences of patches of forest and questioning the biodiversity and the ecosystem at play. 

A beautiful patch of lush green forest-covered Millennium Park in Gangtok town proudly hosting rhododendron trees, pine trees, flowers, insects, birds etc. all in all a hotbed of biodiversity. Ironically on the world environment day, Sikkimese were made aware of the Millennium Park being destroyed. The authorities had managed to cut down entire trees, 60+ year old trees, covering the patch of forest. There are some 400 trees that have been marked to cut under smart city project. 

The delicate ecosystem of the mountains and already excessive use of plastics have made life challenging living in the mountains and now cutting off trees has even more exposed us to the perils of nature, landslides, and flash floods. Further, Sikkim is well aware of nature's wrath and have always suffered a great deal.

However, there would definitely be alternatives to progressing with the Smart City Project in Sikkim without having to destroy our nature that balances the ecosystem. 

I urge all Sikkimese, well-wishers of Sikkim, and every soul that believes in nature to help us conserve and preserve our trees and forest in Sikkim that’s going to benefit the entire living beings. We could all help by signing the petition and bring to notice of our state authorities and honorable State Chief Minister that we would rather like trees and forest than any smart city and plead to hold any further cutting of trees and construction in forest areas.