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Save Traditional/Native Chile!

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Chile (aka chili) is historically, culturally and economically important to New Mexico and Colorado (USA). We have raised crops of chile for hundreds of years in this region. As land-based peoples, our daily lives have centered around our environment. We have sustained ourselves through subsistence living fueled by corn, beans, squash, and chile.

We have watched as GE crops in Canada and Mexico have infected non-GE crops of canola and corn. This has had a catastrophic effect on the small farmer. We know that small farmers have been sued by Monsanto for having Monsanto's GE crops cross-pollinate their non-GE crops, thereby causing the non-GE growing farmer to grow GE plants. We know that Percy Schmeiser, of Canada, won the lawsuit against Monsanto when Monsanto's pollen infected (thereby destroying the integrity of them) his plants.

Those who grow traditional chile should not face the same fate of having their crops contaminated through cross-pollination. New Mexico State University must stop the research and development of GE chile in order to protect our traditional chile.

We stand together to preserve the heritage, traditions, and culture of this region of the United States. We stand together to protect our Traditional (Native) Chile! We petition the NMSU Board of Regents to STOP the Research and Development of Genetically Engineered Chile, NOW! Thank you!

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