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Monmouth County has a plan to blow out Sycamore Avenue in Tinton Falls by creating a 65 foot wide highway between Hance and Hope Roads- but this is only the beginning.  They also have plans to take Hance Avenue away from Tinton Falls, and turn it into a County Road.  Once this happens, the entire area of Northern Tinton Falls will fall victim to the kinds of "over engineered" and deadly roadways we see in Freehold (Kozloski road has 8 fatalities since being widened by Monmouth County), and the destruction of what are currently historic, residential roads.  

Why?  In the name of "public safety".  The county wants to install a traffic light at the intersection of Hance and Sycamore, as do all of the concerned citizens who live in Tinton Falls.  During the morning and afternoon peak,  it is a dangerous intersection, and we all want to see it be made safe.  Easy fix.. install a traffic light (as they have done in other similar intersections throughout this area of Monmouth County- Rumson, Fair Haven, little Silver).  A traffic light will save accidents and injury.  But Monmouth County sees this as a land grab and a great opportunity to accomplish road "improvements", so they have tied the traffic light to two proposals-both of which widen the roadway to 65 feet and 5 lanes (at its widest point). Their purpose is to increase commercial traffic at the expense of destroying our neighborhood and property values.  It will start with this intersection, and quickly expand onto Hope Road from Rt 36 to Sycamore Avenue, and Hance Avenue from Sycamore to Newman Springs, creating a North-South commercial corridor right through our town.

By signing this agreement, we are telling our town and county governments that the answer to safer roadways is not MORE roadways. Please sign this petition in the name of keeping this area of Monmouth County green, beautiful and historic.  Yes, we want a light, but we dont want Urban Blight!!