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Save Thunder the Great Dane's Life & Reform Heyburn (ID) City Animal Ordinances

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Deb Hopkins The City of Heyburn Police Department is not happy with all of the attention Thunder's case is receiving, and is trying to make saving his life as much of an obsticle as it possibly can be. The City of Heyburn's Police Department in rural Southern Idaho, is intent on killing Thunder, a beautiful 2yr old Great Dane on April 15th, after deeming him as vicious per the current City Ordinance 7-1-3 Section D Vicious And Mischievous Dogs & Section E Rabid Dogs. The Heyburn Police Department has shown continuous disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of the dogs within their jurisdiction, and as the current City of Heyburn Ordinance now stands, the police department and city AC have the final say in determining the fate of dogs like Thunder, with the Mayor & City Council having no authority to issue directives on how the police department proceeds cases like this. The former AC for Heyburn, who was replaced this year and now serves as an Officer with the city police, is now advocating for Thunder to be killed, despite offers from the rescue community to place him with a rescue/rehabilitation organization, in an effort to save his life, and serious concerns about how the police department handled his case. We are petitioning the City Heyburn Police Department along with the new AC Officer, to not euthanize Thunder and instead agree to release him to an approved 501c3 out of state animal rescue and rehabilitation organization on April 15th, when his time in quarantine is up. We are also petitioning to change the current City of Heyburn Ordinances pertaining to the welfare of animals within the city's jurisdiction, and to give the Mayor, City Council, and current AC officer authority, in which to issue directives, to review cases, and to have more power to advocate for the animals in the City of Heyburn, especially for cases in which an animal may be euthanized due to a violation of the Heyburn City Codes as reported by the City of Heyburn Police. Inconsistencies in reporting, lack of due diligence, along with a continued disregard for the role of rescues in advocating for the welfare of dogs within the department’s jurisdiction, is both unacceptable and unethical from our point of view. We stand united in our ongoing efforts to advocate for the dogs of this small southern Idaho town, and each signature on this petition serves as a voice on behalf of Thunder, and for all of the other dogs that have and will continue to suffer at the hands of the current City of Heyburn police department. Each signature is a voice demanding the release of Thunder to an approved out of state rescue on April 15th, and a call to change the power structure within the city, which as it now stands, places the life and death of animals in the hands of police officials who have demonstrated continued disregard for the welfare and rights of the animals within Heyburn city limits. We demand that the city codes be modified to limit the power and set a higher level of accountability for the City of Heyburn police department in matters of animal welfare and wellbeing, and for a review of the current city ordinances and protocols pertaining to animal code violations within the City of Heyburn's jurisdiction. We advocate for the implementation of new regulations to allow for the Mayor and City Council to review and issue directives, and for the public to have a forum from which to discuss matters relating to the treatment and governing regulations of animals under the jurisdiction of City of Heyburn officials. The City of Heyburn Police Department and past AC Officer have clearly demonstrated their disregard for the plight of animals in their small town, and we stand united in our pursuit to better their lives and to hold all city officials to a higher standard of accountability when it comes to the development and implementation of city ordinances relating to animal control and the welfare and wellbeing of the animals within the Heyburn City limits. We ask for the city to recognize and partner with animal advocacy and rescue groups in our ongoing efforts to give the animal of Heyburn, Idaho a voice, and to provide every opportunity for these animals to have the second chance at life that they all deserve.


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