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Save this beautiful family from being torn apart

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Cant you judge a family on how they contribute to the society and not on the mistakes their agent made on paper? Aren't kids taught that its okay to make a mistake and learn from it? why cant we get a second chance to fix our mistakes? why cant we get a fare chance to live and grow up as happy as all the other Australians.

My grandmother and Aunt are both Australian citizens. My grandmother has many health issues and lives with us because without us she has nowhere to go and no one to look after her. My Aunt is not able to take care of my grandma as she lives in Perth and has two babies that she needs to look after. 

Hi, My name is Rahma Aldeiri. Over two years ago. I started this petition because we were give a notice of deportation because our case was rejected by Mr. Peter Dutton. I decided to reopen this petition after being rejected once again, but this time by the federal circuit court. We need urgent help, please, we need as many people to help. My siblings and I  have been growing up in Australia, when we came to Australia legally after facing many issues in our country. When we came, my sisters where in kindergarten and i was in year 4. I am now 16 years old and in year 11 and just got my first job and my sisters are 12 years old and in year 7. My siblings and I are very good in school, we achieve outstanding marks and are always above average. One of my younger sisters passed her selective exam for year 7 but cannot attend a selective school because we are not Australian citizens or permanent residents.

We came in September 2011 and we have been here for almost 8 years. That eight years of almost all of our childhood here, growing up in a beautiful and happy country being supported by so many good people. My family has never done anything wrong to deserve this, both of my parents are working and paying Tax, my mother works at a primary school and my dad is a carpet layer, they contribute positively to the society and we do not rely on any funding. I believe, not think, that my family deserves to stay in Australia to help build the society into a better place. i want to understand why Australia is letting the wrong people stay but not us. We aren't harming anyone, as you can see from the amount of supporters, even strangers than have decided to help us even though they don't know us but can tell that we are not trying to harm anybody, we are just trying to live our lives normally, happily and safely like every other Australian family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this we really appreciate the support.

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