We want 6 hour Alert Cycle back in STW

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With the recent changes in Save The World Alert cycle, the vBucks alerts have greatly been reduced. The normal 6-hour alert cycle has been extended to the 24-hour period. Also, the cap in alert cooldowns has been removed ( 3 Mission Alert, 3 Mega Alerts, 10 storm Alerts). Although it may seem to be good at first glance as it may benefit those at jobs and school/collages but this change has greatly infected vBucks alert drop rate.

How are they reduced mathematically?

If u roll a dice more, you are more likely to get what you want. With the increase in the duration of the alert cycle (6-24 hour), we mostly get 1 roll per day instead of the usual 4 rolls per day (6x4).

Once again, it was supposed to be an unlikely situation as Mission alerts ( *which drops vBucks alert) have been greatly increased in number. Instead, we are receiving less to no alert every counting day. This clearly means vBucks alert drop rate has been reduced.

What do we want?

  • Increase the vBucks alert drop rate keeping the 24-hour cycle and no cap in alerts.
  • Or bring back the previous 6-hour alert system.