Save the Wetlands behind Tacoma Community College

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Nina Osberg
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Tacoma Parks and Recreation is pursuing a plan to convert the TCC wilderness area to be part of the multi-field Heidelberg Sports Village Complex. If you care about these beautiful woods, wetlands, and trails, please read, sign and share this petition.
Why should we preserve this area for the community and future generations?
The woods, trails, and wetlands behind Tacoma Community College are the home to many wild animals and bird species. Not to mention to frogs, snakes, rabbits and a host of other species. This ecosystem gives us clean air, clean water, pollinator habitat, and wildlife habitat.
At a time when our earth is experiencing increased global warming, it is crucial that we preserve areas such as the woods behind TCC and not let it be turned into Astroturf and asphalt.
Tacoma Community College already has a soccer field and a baseball field. We, the residents and community members of this area, also need access to nature for mental and physical health. Many of us walk these woods on a daily or weekly basis with our dogs who also enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings.
Besides, instructors in biology and science take their students back there for ecology labs and to teach them to revere the natural environment. Then there’s also the community of Ukranian gardeners who grow food & flowers, supplying beauty and food to the community through “Harvest” of Pierce County. They volunteer their bodies and hands, laboring many hours to supply this service. Although their gardens will not be destroyed, they will be surrounded by asphalt and Astroturf. How can all this possibly be measured into dollars and cents?
We strongly feel that the cost of this project and the ecological damage that it will cause for generations to come cannot be measured in dollars. The disappearance of these natural woods & wilderness, amid an already paved over a large area, will be a huge loss to the community, the people and their four-legged animals, but even more so to the wildlife and bird species who think of this area as their home. Where will they all go? As a community, we are not that heartless that we are willing to bulldoze over and destroy someone else’s natural environment and home.  We can live without eight or ten sports fields in an area that already has several sports fields, but not a unique wilderness such as the one behind Tacoma Community College.
It should be noted that we are not against soccer and sports fields, but there are 81 soccer fields in Tacoma already that sit empty 50% of the year. The estimated cost for these 8 fields is 34 million dollars. The projected return on profit the first year is 297 thousand and 330 thousand by the fifth year. That means it will take more than a hundred years to recover the cost. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the environmental cost and damage.

Homeowners close to this area and in our city ought to be aware and concerned that not only will traffic increase greatly, but so will noise, pollution, garbage, crime and fireworks. As well as an increase in everyone’s property taxes. The money for this has to come from somewhere, right?

Update: At a recent community meeting held (November 4th, 2019) at Tacoma Parks and Recreation, Debbie Terwilleger - the project manager for the Heidelberg Sports Village- announced that The Tacoma landfill - where up to 15 soccer fields could have been built - is no longer considered an option. This, unfortunately, leaves the area behind TCC as the only site up for consideration at this time. However, a larger view must be taken by Tacoma Community College and its board members. They ought to consider the far reaching implications of such a detrimental decision not just on the wetlands and beautiful trails, but for the community at large. 

Is this the legacy the president and the Board of Tacoma Community College wants to leave behind? We believe that past, present and future students are going to shake their heads in disbelief if this detrimental proposal goes through! This area can Never be brought back to the way it is! 

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This I believe: the Tacoma that I fell in love with 22 years ago and have since then called my home has heart and soul. This is why I have confidence and a belief that we will preserve this amazing area of Tacoma, which holds such exquisite beauty and soul!
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If you want to get more involved, do communicate with TCC Leadership and attend the November 20th TCC Board of Trustee meeting at 4 pm TCC Campus, Building 12, Room 120.
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The feasibility study for The Heidelberg Sports Village (see page 164 about plans for TCC):