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Save the unborn children, dogs and cats have more rights than the unborn

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The woman herself whose act resulted in over 56 million abortions since 1973 is now pro-life. She admitted that she lied about her rape.Borrowing text from Randy Alcorn: Whited decided blacks were less human, men decided women had fewer rights, nazis decided Jews' lives weren't meaningful. Now big people have decided that little people arn't meaningful to have rights. Personhood isn't something to be bestowed on humban beings by IVY league professors intent on ridding society of unddesirables. Perswonhood has an inherent value that comes from being a member of the human race. So according to Holy Scripture, the Bible, this is part of being created in God's image. What condition is the USA in now? SUX right, the politicians cant fix it only the mass group effort of people returning to the GOD this country was founded in dedication to will make an positive effect. Do something to shut up the minority voices that are ruling the majority of the population!

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