Save the Tecumseh SS Totem Pole !

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The Tecumseh Secondary School Alumni Reunion Committee was dismayed to learn that the Lambton-Kent District School Board is planning a renovation which could possibly see our iconic Totem Pole permanently removed from the Tecumseh Public School on McNaughton Avenue in Chatham. 

The Totem was designed and crafted in house by 4 of our students and dedicated in 1972 when Tecumseh was a high school, where it has remained a fixture for over 45 years. The wood from which this Totem was crafted was sourced from a local tree that the artists estimate dates back to late 19th Century! 

Also, as part of our Tecumseh Seventies Reunion in 2011, the Organizing Committee raised significant funds to place a bronze commemorative plaque at the front entrance.  You should also know that 2017 was the 60th anniversary of the opening of our Alma Mater.

We consider both of these items to be of historical significance and will be presenting our views at the next Transition Committee meeting on April 16th at the Tecumseh PS at 6:30 p.m. (Contact us at: if you would like to attend)

By signing this petition, you will help us advocate on behalf of the Tecumseh SS Alumni to ensure that the LKDSB makes the decision to keep our Totem Pole at the school.  This will also ensure these historical icons receive the care and respect that they deserve in the planned renovations for the purposes of conservation and display for the benefit of all the citizens of Chatham-Kent.