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If this owner is allowed to keep ownership of these horses he will only neglect them and cause their deaths. He has shown no responsibility for his animals so far. These horses need moving to a place of safety and rehoming with caring owners urgently!

Letter to
Mayor, Ierepetra Dimos, Crete, Greece The Mayor of Ierepetra
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Mayor of Ierepetra, Crete, Greece.

Please take some time with humanity in your heart to read the report we e-mailed directly, look at the photographs and videos and then speak to the Dimos Vet and ask him to remove these horses from their owner immediately and permanently. He has already allowed at least 2 to starve to death tethered to trees so they were unable to help themselves. The orphaned foal and stallion who had broken free have been moved to a place of safety and the vet has now told the owner he can have them back. He has been allowed to move and hide the white mare, who may be pregnant and has been left tethered without food, water or shelter for days at a time in 35 degree heat. She is now unable to be helped by others. The Walk with Donkeys Sanctuary will take responsibility for looking after them until they can be rehomed with caring owners.
Than you for your valuable time,

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