Save The Spectacular Spider-Man. #SAVETSSM.

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(Save The Spectacular Spider-Man) is a collaborated movement created by countless fans who want to see this show revived from corporate hell.

With the inevitable failure of Marvel's Spider-Man TV show and the bleak foreseeable future, we believe it is finally time for The Spectacular Spider-Man to swing back to its former glory.

The Spectacular Spider-Man is a shining example of how great animated shows can be if given love, thought, and time.

Cartoons are generally seen as childish pastimes, however, this series changed all of that.

The Spectacular Spider-Man had fabulous writing and direction from Greg Weisman and Victor Cook. Josh Keaton's voice acting was phenomenal. The show became mature at times with its themes of, betrayal, identity crisis, figurative suicide, and fighting the darkness within.

The biggest strength of the show, within its very short two seasons, was that it had amazing character development and episode to episode consistency. This show made us like Flash Thompson! That's a statement that in itself is a testament to how much thought and love was put into the narrative.

The show was adored by Spider-Man fans all over the world. It is still considered to be one of the best Spider-Man adaptations to this day, outranking Spider-Man 2, and even with the introduction of Peter Parker within the MCU.

If Disney can bring back Star Wars: The Clone Wars, then we can bring back The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Disney, we request you to stream it on your Disney+ streaming service that you are planning anyways.

Join the movement.

Be Spectacular.