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Alpharetta's new City Center plan needs to take into consideration many issues.  Importantly, the preservation of as much of our natural beauty as possible.  Walk the proposed site and you will notice some spectactular old trees including a healthy Southern Red oak located behind the Publix where the parking lot is slated to be constructed.  This tree is absolutely magnificent, majestic and a living sculpture will be lost forever. The purpose of this petition is to preserve as much natural green space as possible for the future of Alpharetta.   

Letter to
David Belle Isle, Mayor Alpharetta City Council
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Alpharetta City Council.

Save the Specimen Trees in Alpharetta

The City Council has just voted to have more beautiful specimen trees removed as part of the new City Center Plan. This was not what the citizens of Alpharetta agreed to when we voted for the bond referendum. Further this was presented and voted upon with little time for input from the community. The Council needs to hold a public meeting on this issue.
Mature trees are extremely important to the success of the City Center. Studies show that mature trees boost the economic activity of shopping areas. Mature shade trees provide comfort on hot days and an elegance that welcomes visitors. Think about our neighboring town of Roswell where the shopping areas are lined with gorgeous trees. The citizens of Alpharetta did not vote for an asphalt heat island/strip mall.


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