No Light Rail in Burleigh, Koala Park and Palm Beach. Stop High Density High Rises

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  • The planned Light Rail Route will go through a Priority Koala Conservation Area at Burleigh Hill and Koala Park. Hundreds of trees will be removed to make way for an unnecessary and unwanted Transport system that so far is a total failure in Northern areas of the Gold Coast. We demand you protect our SEQ Koalas and their habitat at the Priority Koala Conservation Area on Burleigh Hill and Koala Park. We demand you protect our dwindling Koala population here on the Gold Coast. 
  • An unsightly Light Rail Bridge will be built across pristine Tallebudgera Creek.
  • LAND RESUMPTIONS and possibly HOUSE RESUMPTIONS the entire length of The Gold Coast Highway from Tallebudgera to Thrower Drive, Palm Beach are already OCCURRING. Both sides of the Highway will have land resumed. Families, Restaurants, Cafes and Businesses will be affected, if not destroyed by land resumptions to make room for the Light Rail.
  • During construction and once the Light Rail is completed, there will be almost no car parking on either side of The Gold Coast Highway, forcing drivers to try to find a carpark in residential side streets that are already at maximum capacity. Business owners will be impacted by the lack of car spaces during construction. As in Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise, many businesses will not survive the construction period due to the lack of parking and the chaos of the build. GCCC has approved Light Rail Stations to be capable of being fitted out with a Coffee Kiosk, bringing competition to many Palm Beach, Koala Park and Burleigh small businesses. Burleigh Businesses will loose approximately 180 carparks if the Light Rail is extended to Burleigh. 
  • 800m either side of the Light Rail, Development Zonings will change and increase from Medium Density to High Density and possibly with NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS. High Density High Rises will be approved and will spread inland from the Light Rail to as far inland as Mallawa Drive, Tahiti Avenue and Laguna Avenue. An example of a High Density High Rise is as follows: 60 bedrooms allowed - 150 bedrooms approved, 9 level High Rise 1.5m from your fenceline with only 90 onsite Car Spaces provided. Take into consideration the loss of sunshine and the shadow created by such a building built so close to your home.
  • Crime at Gold Coast Light Rail Stations has doubled in the past year. Teen Thugs, Gang Violence, Street Crime, Drug Dealing, Assult and Theft occurr regularly at Light Rail Stations and/or onboard the Tram itself.
  • Burleigh Hill (Jellurgal) is of special importance to the Indigenous Yugambeh People who inhabited the area for thousands of decades. Jellurgal do not want the Light Rail in the Gold Coast Highway.
  • The alternative to the Light Rail coming down the Gold Coast Highway through Burleigh Town Centre, Burleigh Hill, Koala Park, Tallebudgera and Palm Beach is for the Light Rail to head west inland to meet Robina Heavy Rail Station. Robina is the geographical centre of the Gold Coast. The Light Rail could service the Robina Shopping Centre, Robina Hospital, Cbus Sporting Stadium and the already existing High Density suburb of Robina, which is expanding at a rapid rate. Or head it west along Reedy Creek Road to connect with Varsity Station Heavy Rail, then extend the Heavy Rail in the already existing Heavy Rail Corridor. Land already owned by the State Government and ready for use. No More Light Rail Extensions Southbound. Upgrade the M1 and extend the Heavy Rail South to the NEW UPGRADED COOLANGATTA AIRPORT.
  • We demand the GCCC work with State and Federal Governments to extend the Heavy Rail from Varsity Station to the Coolangatta Airport and beyond. As per Tom Tate's Election promise.
  • Loss of Green Space along Thrower Drive. Corella, Cockatoos and other native birds regularly feed in this Park. Salk Park will be another victim to this light rail route.
  • Demolition of the New Pedestrian Bridge that runs alongside the M1 over Currumbin Creek to make way for a Light Rail Bridge.
  • GCCC has not addressed the need for adequate PARK N RIDE Stations, causing traffic and parking chaos in residential streets.
  • GCCC want to build a Park n Ride Station where the Burleigh Library now exists. But they want to charge you money to park there. 
  • The Light Rail through Burleigh, Koala Park, Tallebudgera and Palm Beach is not a Prioirty fix for our Cities massive Transport problems. It will however change Development Zonings to allow Developers to build High Density High Rises with NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS and we fear this is what State Government and the GOLD COAST CITY COUNCIL are actually trying to achieve. Mayor Tate is “Mates” with Developers and is the Major Partner in 8 Property Development Companies. These are issues that have been bought to the attention of the Crime and Corruption Commission, Queensland.
  • We demand the $10million for the Feasibilty Study be spent looking at alternative routes for the Light Rail and not the Gold Coast Highway route.
  • We don’t want the Light Rail and the destruction it will bring to our Lifestyle.