Petition Closed

Please sign our new petition asking crossbench senators to save the Schoolkids Bonus!


The Schoolkids Bonus provides families with support that assists with payment of school fees, uniform and equipment. Many low and middle income families rely on this financial support. The Coalition intends to take it away.

This petition is urging the Coalition to save the Schoolkids Bonus and to help the families who need it the most. We need your help. Please add your signature and share this with others.

Letter to
Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott
Save the Schoolkids Bonus.

Many Australian families, young and old, rely on government support to get by in times of financial instability. The School Kids bonus is a vital part of that support. You have justified cutting foreign aid in order to support Australians better but how can you justify cutting off financial aid that your own citizens depend upon?

Low and middle income families will be left to suffer by the person who has been elected to supposedly better our nation. Not just for wealthy expecting mothers, but for everyone in any financial bracket.

Please do not cut the Schoolkids Bonus.