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Save the sacred San Francisco Peaks from destruction. No sewage water snowmaking!

The San Francisco Peaks are considered sacred by 13 Native American tribes in Northern Arizona and New Mexico. The AZ Snowbowl plans for making artificial snow with reclaimed waste water on the Peaks will be a major desecration to the sanctity of this mountain. There are many unanswered concerns about the long term impacts this water will have on the environment, the plants and animals in this fragile ecosystem as well as contamination of the pristine local aquifers. In light of the recent findings written up in the NY Times regarding antibiotic resistant genes found in the reclaimed water pipelines, proceeding with this wastewater snow making plan poses a public health risk, particularly for those who come to recreate in the snow. As potential tourists and visitors to this area, we pledge to bypass Flagstaff in our future travel plans unless this snowmaking plan comes to a halt. The natural beauty, clean air and unique cultural heritage of this area are what attracts people to visit Flagstaff. We stand united in support of ecologically responsible tourism, public health and cultural respect. No snowmaking on the San Francisco Peaks!


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