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Save the Rohingya

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We as citizens of the world demand that Myanmar stop its unjust killing and discrimination towards the Rohingya people. They are considered the most persecuted minority in the world and recent incidents  are making them seek refuge in large numbers. We demand of Myanmar's leader to stop such government raids that are leaving so many Rohingya dead, cornered into camps and wanting to leave the country they call home.

After an exchange of bullets between militants and Myanmar guards left three border guards dead, the Rohingya have been paying extreme prices for terrors they have no association with. The Myanmar has been carrying out ethnic cleansing in the name of rooting out terrorism since last October. Satellite imaging from the Humans Rights Watch, has revealed previously standing villages burnt to the ground and other sources have revealed ravaging of villages, forcing displacement, raping women and killing hundreds of Rohingyan.

You may be asking why  and I ask the same. Communal violence against Muslim Rohingyans have been going on for decades. They are not granted citizenship as they are regarded as Bangladeshis despite having been present in Myanmar a longer time than many claim.They are  not allowed to travel freely and also have restrictions on the number of births per family. With basic human rights and equal rights compared to the general population of Myanmar not granted, many believe they are now being killed and displaced out of existence.

They call Myanmar home yet due to existing circumstances they are being forced to flee to other countries to seek refuge. There still remains a population in Myanmar being persecuted and having crimes against humanity committed against them.

We would like to call attention to the situation as no country should be allowed to get away with committing such crimes. We would like the leaders around the world and United Nations pay close attention to whats happening in Myanmar today and try to make Myanmar's leaders to stop such crimes against Rohingya while providing them with safety and human rights. 

There is strength in numbers and I would like it to drive a better future for the Rohingya people compared to where they stand today.



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