"Save the REST Breeding Cape Griffon Vultures"

"Save the REST Breeding Cape Griffon Vultures"

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Started by leanne harbottle

The Rare & Endangered Species Trust (REST) needs your help.
After 22 years of devoting our lives to wildlife conservation, the Namibia government has never given a proper inventory or reason for their raid & confiscation of over a million N$ in pangolin scales that were on the premises for research & education purposes. In addition they have given no response to an urgent application made over a month ago to move a breeding pair of highly endangered non releasable Cape griffon vultures to a new facility since REST Namibia was forced to close as our general permit applications were also never approved (or denied).
We informed all relevant Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Tourism officials that the Griffons would lay an egg in early May & urgently needed to be moved beforehand to ensure a higher success of the egg hatching and chick surviving.
By signing this petition we do not ask anyone to take sides. We are merely requesting the government of Namibia to give a public response as to date we have no explanations or responses to our applications for any of these events.
Maria Diekmann
Founder/Director REST 


314 have signed. Let’s get to 500!