Save the Rainforest Express!!

Save the Rainforest Express!!

24 November 2014
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Save the Rainforest Express (CEO Watercare) and 3 others
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Started by victoria jack

Watercare has issued a news release as of 10.24 am Monday 24 November announcing the CLOSURE of BOTH Rainforest Express which operated on the Nihotupu Line and Waitakere Tramline Society's leased Waitakere Line. If you are unhappy with this decision, PLEASE sign this petition and email Watercare/ Auckland City Council to voice your disapproval. I know I will be! 

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Petition Closed

This petition had 3,588 supporters

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Decision makers

  • Save the Rainforest ExpressCEO Watercare
  • Graham WoodChief Infrastructure Officer
  • Trish Langridge
  • Debbie HicksonPA to CEO Watercare