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Petitioning Save the Primates Australia Gary Henderson & Sara Tilling and 4 others
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Save the Primates Australia
Gary Henderson & Sara Tilling
Gary Henderson
Cape Osprey
Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson
Sara Tilling

Save the Primates Australia : STOP fraudulent actions to evict DPG; and issue approval for their sanctuary permits.


“This is a property that donors funded in good faith FOR DARWIN PRIMATE GROUP - any concoction or structuring that overturned that core purpose is simply unacceptable.” Philip Wollen

Letter to
Save the Primates Australia Gary Henderson & Sara Tilling
Kayaktivity Gary Henderson
Cape Osprey Gary Henderson
and 2 others
Kayaktivity Gary Henderson
STP Sara Tilling
STOP your fraudulent actions to evict Darwin Primate Group from their sanctuary and immediately issue approval for their permits with Cape Nature!