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Help us save the Cricket Avenue Parking Lot!

As part of an effort to revitalize Ardmore, Lower Merion Township Commissioners have moved forward a plan that would develop the public Cricket Parking Lot, a hub for many local businesses, by turning it into "One Ardmore Place," a high end luxury apartment building with retail space and a multi-level parking garage that at its maximum height would reach eight stories, towering above the historic buildings on Lancaster Ave. 

The most recent proposal comes from Carl Dranoff, a Philadelphia real estate mogul whose projects include "The Victor" in Camden and "777 South Broad" in Center City.  Dranoff's fifty-six million dollar project would involve up to two years (or more) of construction.

Our short film, "The Parking Lot" introduces you to those who live, work, and shop along Cricket Ave. and shares a slice of life that we have all experienced at one time or another, but probably few of us have stopped to appreciate.

It is still not too late to save the Parking Lot.

By signing this petition, we will send the following letter on your behalf to the Commissioners of Lower Merion Township, urging them to reconsider this project.  Many voices are simply not being heard by the Commissioners and they need to hear from you directly.

If you would like to personally reach out to your Commissioner, click here.

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Letter to
President, Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners Elizabeth Rogan
Dear Commissioners of Lower Merion,

We urge you to reconsider the current proposal to develop the Cricket Parking Lot into a mixed-use luxury apartment building and save our parking spaces.


- The project appears out of proportion with the character and scale of historic Ardmore

- Lack of accessibility would negatively impact local businesses during construction

- More congestion added by new residents and cars on Cricket Ave.

- An underground/multi-level garage would simply be unfriendly to shoppers who want to quickly drop off & pick up a movie (at Viva Video), a pastry (at the Viking), a pizza (at Felicia's), party supplies (at Party Land), carry their toddlers (to Gymboree), the apothecary, pickup and drop-off skis and snowboards at Buckman's, etc.

- We may actually LOSE parking spaces, if the development does not reach the maximum proposed height (of 8 stories), which negates the entire purpose behind the development

- Fairness to local shop owners who had to abide by strict guidelines to maintain their storefronts to keep with the "historic character" of Ardmore

Believe it or not, the Cricket Lot is already a wonderful green space with excellent accessibility and visibility; not only that, it serves as a hub to our community and an open space for public events (e.g. First Friday Main Line). Furthermore, the height of the Dranoff proposal would tower over our quaint, historic houses (likely built in the 1920s-30s) on Athens Avenue, a name that may ring familiar: Ardmore was originally named Athensville.

The 5th Amendment of the Constitution protects property owners from eminent domain. We believe cutting off access for two years without the Township providing just compensation would be an example of a government body acting against its property owners. While we understand you lack funds to complete the SEPTA Lot before Cricket, without finding an alternative site for parking would create an undue burden on the shop owners and residents of Ardmore.

We urge you to reconsider your decision to move forward with the Dranoff Proposal and re-open the discussion to revitalize Ardmore.