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The battle is not over. What can we do now?

Unfortunately Lambeth has given planning permission for the first part of the proposed OAKDA development on the Oval Gasholder site. This includes permission for several towers up to 18 storeys high, a 10 storey building built inside the Grade II listed Oval Gasholder 1, and will see the demolition of locally listed Gasholders 4 and 5, against the recommendations of Historic England, SAVE Britain's Heritage and the Victorian Society. The result will be dense massing with little sunlight or public space and housing very few people can afford. But the battle is not over. What can you do? 1. The Mayor of London has the power to overturn the planning permissions once they are formally referred to him (which we believe has not yet happened), he will only have 14 days to decide. We therefore urge you to write to him urgently at Below are some examples of points you can use in your letter. 2. Comment on the second planning application for the Tesco part of the development which has just been submitted. It has many of the same problems as those listed above and, including a 17 storey tower, dense massing and little sunlight and public space. You can comment before 2nd August by cutting and pasting this address: k/online-applications/applicat y&keyVal=PAP13OBOMQM00 3. Encourage people to sign and share this petition. Your support is crucial. Possible points to consider for letter to the Mayor: -Density and massing which exceed density guidelines. The Mayor expressed concerns about density in his earlier Stage 1 Review. -Tall towers out of keeping with a relatively low rise neighbourhood. -Overshadowing within the development and of neighbouring properties. Lack of sunlight will be unhealthy and unpleasant and limit the growth of vegetation. Children may not wish to play in such conditions nor adults to spend time there. -Public spaces are also too small and often dual use. -Such a massive development will overwhelm our existing vibrant and diverse community. -Inadequate provision for additional amenities to support such a large influx of residents. -Safety issues eg. where public space doubles as vehicle routes and on the narrow external access road (Vauxhall Street) which is also a major cycle route. -Projections of increased car transport and resultant pollution, appear not to account for factors such as taxi journeys or food or parcel delivery to flats. -There will be irreversible damage to the local heritage. This includes breaching Historic England's recommendations for the Grade II listing of Gasholder 1 by destroying its iconic outline. -The proposals are seriously skewed towards luxury homes and profit. -The scheme sets a dire precedent for further inappropriate development in the neighbourhood and is a major threat to the future of Kennington Conservation Area. We do not wish to become a soulless neighbourhood overwhelmed by luxury blocks such as at Nine Elms. Thank you for your continued support.

5 years ago