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Save the Otters!

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Sea otters are not just a cute friendly animal you see in a zoo. They are actually very endangered and these animals don't only help their own kind but affect many other components of marine life. Everyday we get closer and closer to extinction of these beautiful creatures. There are everyday activities you can do to help such as cleaning the beaches and spreading the word to help their habitat. Not a lot of people understand that every creature on this planet helps it go around and when even just one species goes extinct it can effect everyone else. For instance, if the sea otter disappears, the number of crabs, sea urchins, abalones, clams, mussels, and snails will increase and even a few land creatures like frogs will also increase. These increases can cause the amount of plankton and algae in the ocean to decrease which will effect much bigger animals that eat those plants in the ocean. It will also effect the predators of the sea otters because they will have to either find another food source which will then cause another species to start decreasing or they will simply shrink in size, throwing off the food chain.

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