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Save the Ontario Early Years Center at the Cobourg YMCA

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We, the undersigned, are residents of Northumberland County who protest the closing of our current OEYC location at the YMCA in Cobourg.

As we have had the privilege of having access to the wonderful space and fabulous staff at the Cobourg YMCA Early Years Center we have concerns.


These are our concerns for the new location:

  • We worry about the cramped quarters: In the winter especially, we need to take our energetic children somewhere indoors that allows them to move a little and get rid of the feeling of cabin fever. The Port Hope location in Beatrice Strong does not allow this. It feels uncomfortably cramped with half a dozen children and their accompanying adults.
  • We worry about the integration with the school: Will we be forced to share a hallway or a bathroom with the students there? What are the chances that our young impressionable children will hear some older students swearing in the hallways?  What sort of security will there be? Will anyone be allowed to just come onto school property? Is this safe for the children attending the school?
  • We worry about our children not wanting to attend the OEYCFC because of the location:  Not all children like school, and we would like the OEYCFC to be a positive space for everyone.
  • Will we loose our favorite programs like Yoga and Swimming? Or will we be forced to leave the OEYCFC location half way through circle time if we want to make it to a satellite location for the scheduled activity?
  • Will we be forced to forgo any age specific activities if we have more than one child and no access to integrated child minding?



This is what we love about our current center:


  • The physical space at the YMCA: We think it's important for the children to have a large space to run around with lots of natural light.
  • The amazing staff who have been super helpful. Some of our children have developed special relationships with these fantastic people. We want to fight for them to keep their jobs.
  • We think it's nice to have somewhere to take school aged children that isn't straight back to school. They already spend so much time there, and it’s important for children to have some variety.
  • The synergy with the YMCA childcare: It is fantastic for us to be able to participate in a program with one child while the other plays in the center. It allows us special time with one child while knowing the other is having a great time socializing and playing with people we trust.
  • The perks of being in the YMCA building: This allows for classes like mom and baby yoga in house, and lets the kids use the special facilities like the pool, gym, and Pentel playground on occasion. This integration also allows our children to speak to people of all ages on a regular basis, helping them learn how to interact with all age groups from the very young to the very young of heart.
  • We believe it is really important for children to be introduced to the YMCA at such an early age through the OEYC. It makes a natural and fun connection to physical exercise and healthy living. Our children see happy and healthy people coming in and out of the center, swimming in the pool, and playing in the gym. They see that exercise is fun!

We all truly believe that it is in the best interest of our children and families if the center in the Cobourg YMCA remains open to us.


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