Show your opposition to Ballad Health's plans to remove our NICU and Level 1 Trauma Center

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I am starting this petition in an effort to try and save our Neonatal ICU in Kingsport and our Level 1 Trauma Center at Holston Valley Hospital. Ballad Health is downgrading our level 1 trauma center to a Level 3 and removing our NICU. We need to keep our critical care services in Kingsport instead of diverting everything to Johnson City. The amount of travel time for the critically ill and their families along with the costs will be a huge burden that families should not have to worry about. We have a high risk perinatal Physician caring for our high risk mothers as well as a NICU to care for the very sick babies and an ICU to care for the Mothers who get sick. It is imperative that we keep our NICU and Level 1 Trauma center in Kingsport geographically speaking. What is happening is very sad for our community and while some may not be impacted alot of others will definitely feel the burden in finance and travel. Please help us try and save what the community needs.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your community, your loved ones, and your health!

This is in direct opposition to Ballad Health's proposed downgrading of the Holston Valley Medical Center's Level I Trauma Center and Bristol Regional's Level II Trauma Center to Level III.

This is an attempt to halt ALL Ballad Health plans and implementation of changes to major service lines and hospitals until a public hearing is held with the State Health Departments & Attorney Generals for both TN & VA where the details of all plans are presented and public concerns can be heard and addressed.