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The Mole National park is Ghana's largest national reserve and is home to countless species of rare fauna and flora. However, in recent times, the activities of  illegal chainsaw operators and timber merchant is having a devasting effect on the park. The park has been flooded by illegal chinese loggers who with the tacit consent of their local counterparts are stripping the park off rare trees.

Letter to
Forestry Commission of Ghana Wildlife Division.
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology. Dr. Joe Oteng Adjei
Save the Mole National Park: Stop the illegal felling of trees.
Dear Honourable Minister,
We the undersigned ask you to stop the logging of trees from Ghana's premium national reserve. The country risks losing this prized national monument if immediate steps are not taken to halt the harvesting of rosewood and other timber species from the park. We therefore officially ask you to enforce the laws prohibiting the felling of trees in the park and institute afforestation programmes to protect the park and our heritage.

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