22 de septiembre de 2023
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Por qué es importante esta petición

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Join us in protecting 30% of the Mediterranean to revitalize local fisheries and halt the collapse of its ecosystems. Stand with Reserva 30 del Mediterráneo and endorse the Manifesto for the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean’s Predicament

Substantial evidence reveals the critical state of the Mediterranean, a stark contrast to its condition a few decades ago. It holds the notorious titles of the world’s most overfished, polluted, and rapidly warming sea and is a hotspot for invasive species. In the face of such drastic degradation, merely 0.23% of the Mediterranean receives adequate protection.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was the pioneer in raising alarms about the Mediterranean’s dire state during his 1979 visit to Spain, predicting significant alterations to its waters within half a century. His alarming prognosis, unfortunately, has proven accurate, emphasizing the urgency of our intervention.

Who Stands to Gain from Protecting 30% of the Mediterranean?

Scientific research and the European Community validate the efficacy of “no take” marine reserves in enhancing fisheries, with substantial empirical backing.


  • Highly protected marine reserves have 570% more fish than unprotected areas (Sala, E., & Giakoumi, S., 2018).
  • After establishing six reserve areas in Gökova (Turkey), local fishermen experienced a 400% increase in economic income and a tenfold surge in fish per square meter.
  • The Papahānaumokuākea sanctuary, the world’s largest unfished protected area in Hawaiian waters, witnessed a 54% increase in tuna fishing around the marine protected area within five years.

Why 30%?

This is in alignment with the directives of the United Nations and the European Community, guided by scientific counsel. To avert ecological catastrophe and rejuvenate local fisheries, the protection of 30% of the sea's waters is imperative. In December 2022, the United Nations convened the World Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, with 196 countries, including Spain, endorsing a landmark agreement to safeguard 30% of their terrestrial and marine territories by 2030. The real challenge now lies in the meticulous enforcement of these protective measures within the stipulated timeline.

The Imperative for this Initiative
Despite international accords and pledges, governments often fall short, establishing marine protected areas but failing to implement decisive actions to mitigate human impact on biodiversity.

In a staggering 95% of Mediterranean marine protected areas, there is no regulatory difference inside and outside these regions. The Mediterranean Reserve 30 is a vital step to ensure actual protection of 30% of the region and to expedite such protective measures.

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Firmas: 54Próximo objetivo: 100
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