Save the Forest & Kangra Tea and its 150+ years of legacy.

Save the Forest & Kangra Tea and its 150+ years of legacy.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mayur Sud

National development is important, but not on the Name of National Development & unthoughtful Plan should we destroy of Forest & The legacy of 150+ Years of Kangra Tea . Matter here is of the NH that's been made Between Pathankot & Mandi. In this NH plan a major portion estimated about 25% of Forest cover of Kangra Valley in Himachal will be destroyed or disturbed. It's not only that the forest but the a portion Heritage of Kangra Tea which is unique to this geography dating back as old as 150+ years is also being Destroyed. Kangra Tea which has been preserved over these years thru genration and generation and constitutes less than 1% of the total indian Tea area is gona get shrunk & destroyed due to the NH.

On one hand the government wants to preserve the Kangra tea by putting restrictions on Sale of teq land to planter who have 30+ acers of holding and on other hand they are destroying the Tea plantations without considering its impact on Tea, people related to this profession & Indirectly killing the small Tea planter who are also the Farmers of Nation.

NHAI HAS not even bothered to explore ALTERNATIVE ROUTES TO TAKE THE NH but they are bent apon destroying the Tea areas of Kangra Tea & Majority of Forest cover in the region and taking away a large amount of lands from mirco farmers.

Tea plantation are just not crops but also a 365 days green belt  and reserves that have been here for over 50- 150 years that maintains water level and also acts like oxygen banks thruout the year, generating employment, revenue for the goverment and largely compensating the deficit of green cover getting reduced on the name of Development.

The impact of Global warming is evident, till about few years back the winter snow over the Dhauladhars would remain till end of May and there would be very frequent rains, but now with the green cover shrinking temperatures have started to soar right from March and the snow cover is almost melted. In these times when forest cover is shrinking due to Natural and badly planed projects, damaging the environment further will only lead to Natural disasters and pandemics to come.

NH will totally destroy the ecological balance and disrupt the Flaura & Fauna in the region, this gamage will never be reversed and will snow ball into a catastrophic ending 

 I urge you to sign the petition and share it as much posible for the wellbeing of our hill, nature and people of the Mountains 

Office of Transport Minister and Chairman NHAI have not bothered to pay attention towards this disastrous planing and request sent by us.

Help me save the Kangra Tea & Forest 

199 have signed. Let’s get to 200!