Save the Kallangur Early Childhood Centre

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25th of October families were sent an e-mail saying that the Kallangur Early Childhood Centre would cease operations at the end of 2016.

As of now there has been no public statement or acknowledgement of this and it is understood that in fact ALL the Churches of Christ centres are being closed. The truth is that Churches of Christ Care no longer wish to continue offering childcare services. The reality is that they have not made any attempt to comfort or support the impacted families and have left that burden to their centre managers to handle alone.
(Churches of Christ Care eventually made a quiet statement on their website which was difficult to find! You can view it here:

The Kallangur community is completely devastated and whilst we know we can’t change the Churches of Christ Care’s mind, we hope that perhaps another provider can see the value as we do and decide to save our beloved centre.

The centre is in high demand, with that demand continuing to rise due to ongoing medium density residential development in the Kallangur area (in fact there are 6 applications for child care centres with Council as we speak so the need is indeed great!). The staff make the centre and are as special as family; they are the reason so many love the centre like they do. The staff are exceptional at educating and caring for our kids but they also take the time to care for the families. They support us through personal crisis, heartache, frustration, community causes, everyday life. They say it takes a village to raise a child – well the staff were part of that village and in fact for some they were their only village.

This petition is seeking two things. First that Churches of Christ Care apologises for how they handled this situation and immediately makes time to meet with the parents. We deserve transparency and honesty and more than anything we deserve compassion and a chance to voice our sadness. They need to remember we are real people, some of whom this is their only interaction with the church and they need to tread carefully or risk turning people away from God and the church entirely. This decision is viewed by them as a simple business transaction made in a boardroom but it has caused serious hurt and feelings of betrayal and they need to own up to their decision instead of trying to conceal it. We understand why they’ve decided to close the centres and we aren’t angry, but we are understandably hurt by the way they have treated us since the announcement was made.

Secondly, we hope this petition shows any potential providers just how incredible the staff and centre is and what a precious service they’d be saving. To anyone reading this that is entertaining the notion of purchasing just read the comments on this petition. If anything will persuade you to make the commitment those comments will. So much love and gratitude is expressed, you know it is the right thing to do. Please save our centre and our beloved staff members and in return you will be rewarded with loyalty and immense gratitude from not just the families but the entire community as well.

Please sign and share this petition. If there is a way we can save our staff and centre, we must try.

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