Save the Journal of Political Philosophy!

Save the Journal of Political Philosophy!

April 29, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Simon Căbulea May

A Resolution Concerning Editorial Independence at the Journal of Political Philosophy

In light of:

  • the recent decision taken by John Wiley and Sons to terminate Prof. Robert Goodin’s editorship of the Journal of Political Philosophy at the end of 2023,
  • the consequent resignations of the vast majority of the journal’s editorial board,
  • and the inadequate explanation offered by Wiley as to their decision,

we the undersigned resolve, from the point at which Prof. Goodin is no longer the editor of the journal, to:

  • decline any invitation to join the editorial board of the journal, 
  • refuse any request to review papers submitted for publication in the journal, and
  • refrain from submitting any papers for publication in the journal

unless and until:

  • the decision to terminate Prof. Goodin’s editorship is rescinded,
  • full editorial independence of the editors over the journal’s publications is restored, and
  • all questions concerning the future relationship between Wiley and the journal are resolved to the satisfaction of the editorial board as recently constituted.


  1. Scholars who work on topics in or adjacent to political philosophy and theory, social philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, and related areas are invited to sign the statement. We appreciate the support of people who are not professionally involved with these areas, but prefer to limit the list of signatories to people actively working in the field, broadly construed.
  2. Please include your institutional affiliation in lieu of your location.
  3. An updated list of signatories to this resolution will be posted on a regular basis at the Daily Nous website.
  4. Thank you to everyone who has donated money to promote the petition, but this is an unnecessary expenditure. Please rather share the petition on social media or by other means to the members of the political philosophy community.
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Signatures: 1,296Next Goal: 1,500
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