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Save The Hunting Act

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The Prime Minister promised a repeal on The Hunting Act 2004 in his manifesto but then realised that he could not risk a free vote on repeal as it is likely he would lose. His attempt to get an amendment through also failed and he had to admit defeat and "postpone" the debate on amending the hunting act due to the fact it would have been an overwhelming defeat after the SNP said they would vote against the amendments.

Claims that the amendments were minor technical adjustments were wildly misleading.The suite of changes would have destroyed the Act and the Government knows it. The full draft of the proposed amendments revealed that they also included proposals to allow an unlimited number of dogs to be used to flush out diseased or injured foxes and to conduct “research and observation”. 

“research and observation” is a vague category which would give hunters a wide range of “excuses” to hunt – by claiming they are doing a fox population count, for example, or assessing levels of disease in the area. Furthermore, the ban in Scotland has no “research and observation” provision, which raises questions over the Government’s claim to merely be bringing the law into line with Edinburgh. The Statutory Instrument contains two amendments that do not exist in Scotland.

Instead of respecting the democratic view of the majority of the population (Over 80% in the most recent poll by MORI)  who are against hunting with dogs Mr Cameron has decided to ignore the democratic mandate and at any time now he could announce that a vote will take place, and once again hunting with packs of dogs will be legal again.  Animal abuse is not a sport. It is barbaric and archaic and should be resigned to history along with bear baiting and dog fighting.

Please sign this petition and save the Hunting Act - We want to block any move to amend or repeal the hunting act and believe that in fact it sould be strengthened and enforced more rigorously

#noamendment #keeptheban #savethehuntingact

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