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save the honey bees

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Around the world, and most recently in America, honeybees have been dying off in alarming numbers. Domestic beekeepers are waking up to find entire bee colonies have vanished, or collapsed. Hence, the name given to this phenomenon is Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. With roughly 30 percent of hives dying off per year in some states, it is estimated that honeybees will become extint by 2035. Since one third of the US food supply depends on pollination from bees, the impact o CCD will be profound and devastating. Almonds, apples, blueberries, tomatoes, crop after crop- amounting to over 15 billion dollars or more per year- will be wiped out. No soybeans means no tofu, no alfalfa means the price for cattlefeed will skyrocket, affecting the beef supply aswell. At a time when our economy is already suffering, CCD could deliver a knockout blow to middle class families, pushing food prices beyond levels ever seen in this country.
Scientists have already discovered the cause for this unprecedented disease: imidacloprid (IMD) pesticides. As of 2009, several European countries including France, Germany, Spain and Italy have suspended or banned IMD use after discovering its link to CCD. The bees are slowly returning to the parts of Europe instituting bans on IMDs. US states with no IMD pesticides also have no reports of CCD, and organic farms and beekeepers report no CCD. We know what's killing the bees. The problem is that IMD pesticides have become popular because they are cheap and effective in killing insects-too effective in the case of the bees. It's time to save a species 100 million years in the making. Sign this petition to suspend the use of IMD pesticides. In turn, we may just be saving outselves.

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