August 17, 2021
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Why this petition matters

The WV Department of Agriculture has informed The Sweet Springs Resort Park  that they intend to break the land lease between the 2 entities.    The land in question is the property known as The Andrew S. Rowan farm located adjacent to The Sweet Springs Resort Park, and is very important to the future plans of The Park.  They say they have already cancelled the lease, but it was not done according to the lease agreement.

The Sweet Springs Park has a history that makes it one of the MOST HISTORIC LANDMARKS in the US.  Thomas Jefferson designed the hotel, the warm water pool - water stays 73 degrees year round, & some of the purest drinking water in the world.  

Should the Dept. of Agriculture break the lease and take the land, they will stop the following:  

(1) The Allegheny Trail designers/workers have informed the Park that they would like to make Sweet Springs Park a "hub" for the trail - provide shelter for hikers, bikers, and more, and build the emergency escape road to the top of Peter's Mountain for emergency extraction of injured persons.  The Allegheny Trail will meet the Appalachian trail soon enough - IF WE GET TO KEEP THE FARM.  

  • A youth recreational center where local teenagers and young adults can enjoy various activities instead of doing drugs.  There is NO such facility locally.  
  • Hiking & biking trails for the purpose of health and recreational activity for all who visit the park.
  • ADA recreational areas
  • The creation of rustic camping sites for visitors to the area, for youth groups such as FFA, 4-H, Boy & Girl Scouts, Church Groups, etc., to attend and earn badges in various outdoor requirements.  
  • A driving range for golf instruction.  The people taking instruction can then golf at The Greenbrier.  We already have a golf expert on retainer, and so much more!
  • If work is done on the farm and EXTREME care is not taken, the mountain springs may be damaged which could - STOP the warm spring water in pool; STOP the flow of the pure drinking waters; CAUSE neighbors and millions of people to lose their water and poison the Chesapeake Bay, and  DESTROY the historical value of the entire valley.

Please sign and tell WV Dept. of Agriculture:

  •  Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, transfer to the Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation Inc., without consideration, all the approximately 650 acres of land known as the Andrew S. Rowan Memorial farm, located at Sweet Springs, Monroe County,  for the purpose of providing public services; economic development in a rural area; providing assistance in preventing opioid use in an area where the youth have no activities; 250 + jobs; employment education for adults and youth; tourism.

The plans Sweet Springs Resort has for this property will support the community, the state, and the country.  This project has the potential to offer 250 jobs.  

PLEASE SIGN NOW - Time is of the essence.  Must have all signatures by ASAP.  You can also SEND US AN EMAIL  - - that simply states: 

DO NOT TAKE THE ANDREW S. ROWAN FARM away from The Sweet Springs Resort Park.  - DONATE the farm to the Park for Rural Economic Development.

To: WV Senators Manchin, Shelly Moore Capito

To Congresswoman Carol Miller and Congressman Mooney

WE THE PEOPLE also request that you fight to get the needed funds to restore this historic property.  

Support now
Signatures: 4,701Next Goal: 5,000
Support now