SAVE THE HISTORIC POURHOUSE! (Nirvana's hometown stage)

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We, the undersigned, will not re-elect Mayor Larson if he follows through with demolishing the historic Pourhouse.

The Pourhouse is Aberdeen's oldest and most historically significant building (built in 1897), and famous as the hometown stage of Nirvana. The mayors current plan is to bulldoze the Pourhouse and Selmers building within the month to make room for a proposed "Gateway Visitors Center" (the brainchild of out-of-town developers and consultants) in spite of the fact that the controversial visitors center funding does not exist, and may never come to fruition. We don't need yet another empty gravel lot in our downtown.

Demolishing these historic buildings would cost the city of Aberdeen hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere, and rob the citizens of Aberdeen of a priceless piece of its history. The demolition of the Pourhouse would cost us the opportunity for future Nirvana-related tourism, and the coveted Mainstreet designation (which requires a standing commitment to historic preservation.)

Common sense dictates that no historic building should ever be demolished unless and until there is a guarantee that a fully-funded, citizen-approved replacement building will take its place. A building who's purpose and placement has been voted on and approved by the people who actually live here.

As residents, we strongly opposed this ill-conceived demolition plan, and urge Mayor Larson to reconsider this decision or lose our re-election vote.