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Randy Wittorp’s response

Randy Wittorp
Kaiser Permanente

Dec 11, 2012 — 
On behalf of Kaiser Permanente, thank you for your feedback on the proposed Potrero Hill Medical Office Building. We have been actively listening and our project team is currently working on changes to the plans that will incorporate various suggestions we have heard from Potrero Hill residents, businesses and other community members.

The design circulating in the community was always considered preliminary and was shared to get community input. We look forward to developing a revised project plan that meets the needs of our patients and the Potrero Hill community. In doing so we will help bring more health care services to residents and businesses in San Francisco's Eastern Neighborhoods.

In response to some of the recent comments, we want to reiterate that Kaiser Permanente views the Bottom of the Hill as an integral part of the Potrero Hill community and looks forward to having them as our neighbor. Our project will not disrupt the operations of this renowned venue. In fact, our facility will support nearby small businesses as our employees and local members frequent many neighborhood stores, restaurants and other establishments.

We look forward to presenting an updated project to the community in early 2013. In the meantime, we hope you visit to offer your suggestions and to view accurate information in response to many frequently asked questions (FAQs).