Save the Heidelberg Road bike lanes!

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Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for showing your support for the Heidelberg Road bike lanes by signing this petition. While it was off to a slow start, a few key shares on social media this morning have really upped the momentum on this petition.

The Heidelberg Road bike lane and the hundred other proposed kilometres of bike lanes will make a huge difference to cycling participation in Melbourne. Network connectivity is crucial here. Our frenemies over the ditch in Auckland learned this by extending their Northwestern Cycleway - each time segments were upgraded or added, the amount of bike riding increased. The number of bike trips on this link ultimately doubled over the four years to 2020. Further away in Paris, France, we can see how new bike lanes attracts new riders. Over the last 12 months, Mayor Hidalgo has rolled out a massive network of protected pop-up bike lanes, and 60% of users of these lanes are new to cycling. I think these sorts of changes are just as possible in Melbourne.

The petition has cracked 350 signatures - but I know there are more supporters out there for safe and sensible cycling infrastructure. If you could share the petition around your own social networks, that would be most appreciated.

Best wishes and stay safe!


Nathan Pittman
2 months ago