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HaFoSaFo has moved

a brief update on the trials and tribulations of Happy and Sad Foot:

many of you will have seen that HaFoSaFo is down from its longtime home at the corner of Sunset and Benton Way.

on Thursday, September 5th, plaza ownership unexpectedly brought a contractor onsite to take down the Happy Foot Sad Foot sign. due to some fortuitous timing and an intrepid ally, Happy Foot and Sad Foot are now safely installed in their temporary home at Y Que Trading Post in Los Feliz. huge shout out to Bill Wyatt for saving the day!

while we had been working toward the best case scenario – keeping the sign on Sunset and Benton Way – the unwillingness of ownership to engage in the process, and the inability of city regulations to stop the removal of the sign panels made that impossible.

Friends of the Foot have also been looking for alternative sites for the sign. one community member researched the new Foot Clinic office location, and discovered it had a pole sign in the past. the sign base structure is covered with turf at the moment, but they are exploring the costs of getting a pole rebuilt and the possibility of getting a variance from the city to let HaFoSaFo rotate should the sign go up in that location. right now, this is the most promising lead to date, though the location is unfortunately just outside of Silver Lake.

sign up at to be a Friend of the Foot, so we can update you as new information comes in about the future of the sign. you can also follow the Friends of the Foot on Instagram at FriendsoftheFoot.2 for more news.

we continue to work toward a Happy Foot ending for the sign, and keeping it in the community to enjoy!

Ann Hendrix
2 years ago